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Welcome to the Ben Watches Community!

Our WhatsApp Groups have strict entry requirements and are not open to the general public.

The quickest way to be added into one (or both) of our groups is by having an existing member vouch for you.

The majority of our members are friends, known watch collectors, existing clients and trusted and verified watch dealers.

We receive countless requests to join our groups by unknown individuals, these messages will be ignored.

It is our duty and responsibility to our members to ensure that the groups we manage are conducted professionally.

Contact us via WhatsApp or Email to join.

It's FREE!


- Access to special deals on all our inventory

- Free watch price valuations

- Real-time secondary market price information

- Q&A for any watch related advice

- Post watches looking to buy or sell

- Watch deal mediation

- Networking

- Share wristshots, news and more

- Support 24/7.

This group is for watch collectors and enthusiasts only.



- Everything in COLLECTORS, plus:

- Access to special deals from our worldwide network of trusted and verified watch dealers.

This group is for watch collectors, enthusiasts and dealers.

£29.99 GBP/ Year

Ben Watches has strict entry requirements for both WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Groups: Services
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